Chedworth Roman Villa - The remains of one of the largest Romano-British villas in the country

Chedworth Roman Villa
Chedworth Roman Villa
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What to see and do at Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa is popular with visitors from all over the world. You only have to listen to the different accents and languages of the visitors to see that.

Over a mile of walls survives and there are several fine mosaics (all mosaics are under cover to protect them from the elements).

There are two bathhouses, hypocausts, a water-shrine and latrine.

Chedworth Roman Villa is set in a wooded Cotswold combe and the museum houses objects from the villa.

each visitor is given the option of a (free of charge) hand held guide when they arrive. This guides them through their visit, giving them plenty of information about the site. A full list of our events can be found here.

There are many special events stagesd at Chedworth Roman Villa, such as the Romano-British Craft Week where you could see demonstrations of the craft skills and weapons of people in late  Romani-Britain  

Throughout the year there are various events aimed at enhancing your visit the Chedworth Roman Villa, from Romano-British craft days to recreations of Roman society and life.

In this photograph you can see a memner of the ERA Living History Society demonstrating one of the processes involved in the production or iron from iron ore.
You can see more photos from the Romano-British Craft week which demonstrated the craft skills and weapons of people in late Romano-Britain on the Chedworth Roman Villa photographs page.

  Chedworth Roman Villa is owned by the National Trust. This is an independant guide to Chedworth Roman Villa based on visits to the site and material gathered from various sources